Georgia’s 11th District Congressman isn’t a doctor. That would be the honorable Phil Gingrey.

Reading the Congressman’s biographical information, he graduated medical school in 1969 and only practiced medicine for 26 years. Doesn’t that mean he stopped being a doctor in 1995? He better not be touching female patients pretending to be legally a doctor. His Georgia medical license expired 25 months ago.

So what can the 11th District Congressman bring to a 9th Congressional district discussion on healthcare? Pretty much nothing beyond partisan talking points. But maybe Nathan Deal needed an attack dog from outside the 9th District. That would make some sense.

Deal must cultivate the Republican radicals to win the gubernatorial nomination without destroying his support among moderate Georgians.

Expect the Congressman formerly known as Dr. Phil Gingrey to lead the partisan charge at tomorrow’s healthcare discussion in Gainesville, Georgia while Congressman Deal slinks in the background.

It’s time for honesty in politics. No more fake witnesses. And, no more fake doctors in the healthcare debate.