The largest engineering problem with electric cars is battery life. On our current technology, it’s impossible to make a mobile storage unit for the amount of electricity to power a vehicle. The Nissan Leaf was unveiled this week, and it represents a breakthrough- it looks like a normal car, and can go up to 9o MPH… for only 100 miles at a time.

The recharge time takes about 8 hours. The batteries are so expensive, they must be rented instead of purchased.

Development of new batteries is crucial to getting the green movement on the freeways, and Obama has released $2.4 billion in research grants to speed up the advanced engineering of long-term batteries.

This is an example of what government can do well. It frees up private capital to develop innovations that will boldly advance the human condition. It is an example of government working.

And in ten years, Pontiac (or GM or whoever) will get all the credit.