We here at Left on Lanier have given our share of grief to State Rep. James Mills, and we had decided to leave him alone for awhile; however, this is such low hanging fruit it had to be written.

It seems James Mills is mad that his water bill is going up.  The city of Gainesville voted 4-0 to raise water rates for its customers.  Those of you outside of Hall County need to know that the city controls the water for Gainesville and Hall County residents.  It seems that Mills thinks it is not time for a rate hike.  He points out that we are in a recession and that this is not the right time to raise rates. 

Believe it or not this blogger agrees with him.  Although water rates are not high by any means, raising rates in the middle of a recession just stinks.  The complaint I have is where was Mr. Mills during the debate over Senate Bill 31(a.k.a. Let Georgia Power Screw Us Over Bill of 2009).    Yes, I checked he voted yes. 

Now Mr. Mills is notorious for claiming something as his idea just because he voted for it.  He believes that the Sales Tax Holiday was his doings.  He takes credit for all road improvements done in the Hall County area.  What he will not take credit for is voting for a bad bill, unfunded mandates, or raising taxes.  Maybe he didn’t complain about the Georgia Power bill because TitleMax pays it for him.  At least they pay his phone bills.