…more on this debacle

RSVP’s? Really? For a public event at a public hospital at the Civic Center with two duly elected representatives of the US Congress?

Seriously. And then the event is at 8 am on a Wednesday? So the organizers are expecting such a packed crowd- 8 AM ON A WEDNESDAY- that they need to know who is showing up because the auditorium might not hold the onslaught?

This smells. It reeks of political opportunism, of back-room deals between those in power, of an attempt to stage a public “event” that’s not really public at all.

It’s a PR attempt to craft, promote, and emphasize a public event that is NOTHING CLOSE TO AN ACTUAL PUBLIC EVENT.

Dear Lord, please let the MoveOn people show up to this plastic echo-chamber of thought. Please let a contingent of pissed-off unemployed folks show up with an agenda and a loud voice. Please… please… please…

If only I were a rich man.