This post is sorta inside-baseball (or perhaps, more inside-bloggerdom), so feel free to scroll downward if new-media politics isn’t your thing.

Andre Walker was kicked off Peach Pundit, arguably the most influential Georgia political blog. His crime? Accurately quoting the blog’s headmaster Erick Erickson.

Andre has a checkered past with the local blogosphere, and his departure has been met with either A) faint outrage or B) apathy. The only person who has pissed off more net-connected folks is Erickson, the guy who tossed him.

Seems like they’d get along better, wouldn’t it?

Question for Erickson: I’ll agree that Andre was “peeing on the floor of the host’s house” by criticizing you directly on your own blog. But the essence of his post was your own words- your own hateful and racist words- so how can you defend that statement as appropriate for public discourse, yet ban Andre for using the phrase himself?

Question for Andre: You perpetually seem to be on somebody’s hit-list, and it’s unclear how someone who appears to be smart and sharp keeps stepping on landmines. Do you seek the drama, or does it just accidentally find you?

General question for Peach Pundit peeps (Jason Pye, whoever): Who is the progressive representative on PP now? Or is it just gonna become Red State-Lite?