We here in the Bible belt know the value of a good study – A time for Christians to get together and explore God’s word.

Evidently, those in Washington take this to a completely new level.

Welcome to C Street. If you are lost man looking for divine intervention, or maybe you are a devout Christian seeking other devout Christians, or just maybe you are a perverted elected member of congress that needs a secret location to cover up your tryst…come on over to 133 C Street SE!

These are the homes of Sen. John Ensign, Sen. Tom Coburn, Rep. Mike Doyle, Rep. Bart Stupak, and Rep. Zach Wamp.  It is the former homes of Sen. Sam Brownback, Sen. Lindsey Graham, former Rep. Steve Largent and Jim Ryan.  Of by the way, Gov. Mark Sanford referred in his press conference to this house.


Unidentified male: Did your wife and your family know about the affair before the trip to Argentina?

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford: Yes.

Unidentified male: For how long?

Sanford: We’ve been — we’ve been working through this thing for about the last five months.  I’ve been to a lot of different — I was part of a group called C Street, when I was in Washington.  It was a, believe it or not, a Christian Bible study — some folks that asked of members of Congress hard questions that I think were very, very important and I’ve been working with them.

Supposedly, this is the place to go to when you need a secret Bible study.  Members of congress claim they need a place to meet in secret, but wait a minute the GOP wears Christianity like a badge of courage. Why do they need to meet in secret?  Maybe John Ensign and Mark Sanford know the answer.

For more information, you can read about it at Politico.