f youGreat interview on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Rough transcript follows…

Jon: So you don’t believe in a public option, so even though that’s good enough for the military it’s not good enough for the people of America?

Kristol: Well, the military has a different health care system then the rest of Americans-

Jon: It’s a public system no?

Kristol: Yeah, they don’t have an option, they’re all in military health care.

Jon: Well, why don’t we go with that then?

Kristol: I don’t know. Is military health care really what you want…well, first of all it’s expensive- I think they deserve it, the military, I’m not sure-

Jon: But the American Public do not?

(slight laughter in the audience)

Kristol: No, the American public do not deserve the same quality health care as soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan deserve, and they need all kinds of things that the rest of us don’t need.

Jon: Well, no, they can have the level of care, but are you saying that the public shouldn’t have access to the same quality of health care that we give to our better citizens?

Kristol: Yes. To our soldiers? Absolutely.

(Booing in the audience)

Kristol: The American public-

Jon: (incredulous) Really?

Kristol: I think, one thing, if you become a soldier…


They get paid less. They get paid less, so one of the ways we make it up to the soldiers is we, since they’re risking their lives, is give them first class health care. The rest of us can go out and buy insurance- as 90 percent of us have…

Jon: You just said, Bill Kristol just said-

Kristol: I feel like you’ve trapped me somehow.

Jon: You just said that the government can run a first class health care system. And that a government run health care system is better (audience applause) than the private health care system.