Gwinnett County is going through a financial meltdown. The county decided against raising taxes 25%, and is now actively looking for ways to cut expenditures/services by $20 million dollars.

Police and fire departments will be cut. A newly constructed library will sit idle. Park services will be reduced. But with the alarmist headline Empty Fire Stations But Plenty of Illegal Aliens, it’s clear that Gwinnett Buzz is more concerned with those dirty foreigners that are invading the Gwinnett Utopia.

Oh, and they’re pissed about the new baseball stadium too.

It’s the nightmare scenario where the Gwinnett pundit(s) demands more and more services from their local government, but isn’t willing to pay for them. They’re thrilled that the Commission nixed a 25% tax increase, but pissed that their services are withering away. We want more! We want more! But we’re not gonna pay for it!!!

Hey guys, why don’t you go grab a juicebox and sit this one out? It’s adult-swim time.