More craziness from Free Republic. This time, it advocates:

  • “Peacefully” removing the President, Vice-Prez, and all members of Congress.
  • Hillary Clinton becomes interim President.
  • Repealing the 17th amendment.
  • Repealing the 16th amendment.
  • Disbanding half of the Federal Government and allowing the State Governments to manage the facilities.
  • Rescinding Roe V. Wade.

And the finishing touch? No where do I call for violence. The only force I call for is the force of numbers. We need millions of our citizens to sign on to this petition and execute its provisions. Will require millions to march on D.C. to block the government’s ability to do business as usual. This is our right and duty as Americans.

Hey jerk- our right and duty as Americans mean that we respect the rule of law, and the governance of democratically-elected leaders. We ate a turd sandwich every day for 8 years.

You’d think this guy could go for longer than six months.