Left on Lanier has been harping on this budget issue for about 2 weeks now.  Read here and hereBout time Speaker Richardson noticed.

You may have heard by now that members of the House of Representatives will suffer a .2% decrease in pay over the next 6 months. For most members this will mean $40 – $60 dollars a month. It may not be much but it is a start.

Some question whether this is constitutional without legislative action but my friend Dash Riptide over at Peach Pundit makes a good point that nobody would vote against such a measure.

Georgia ranks 13th from the bottom in legislative pay, but the real money is made on per diem.  Left on Lanier will have an exclusive on this next week.  The question is: “Would our leaders consider giving up some of that $173.00 per day to hold a special session?”  I doubt it.