Truth be told, there’s some Libertarian blood flowing through this old body. If we’re gonna talk about financial issues, I can come of as a Conservative at times- the general principle of lower taxes and less regulation is appealing, even when it doesn’t always work in real life.

That’s the problem with strict political ideology. It substitutes moral imperatives for actual problem-solving.

For example, the largest arrow in the quiver of the current GOP incarnation is tax cuts. It was advocated during a budget surplus in 2000 and a budget deficit in 2008. It’s touted as the solution to the health care problem. And the recession. And the housing crisis.

This blind devotion to cutting taxes may work in a philosophical argument with your brother-in-law at the dinner table, but it doesn’t work in real life.

For example, Atlanta is running a budget-deficit. How do you expect to fix this during the current fiscal year without raising additional money? How many services do Republicans intend to cut immediately to solve this problem?

Lowering taxes is a goal, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all tool to solve every government problem. Those people that blindly cling to this philosophy are destined to make a poor economic climate worse, not better.