Not sure how to begin this post:

It could have been named:

Romeo seeks 9th District Congressional Seat
Evans encourage Iranians to Take up Arms against Government
Evans promises to bring back Goldwater Ideals to North Georgia
Evans Teabags the Fourth of July

Alright here we go.  Mike (I Make Romeo and
Juliet look like a comedy) Evans
was on the Martha (Rush Limbaugh without the Oxycontin) Zoller Show this morning.  Lately all the guest hosts from Ashley Bell to Tom (I don’t like my job) Smiley  have been on a 2nd Amendment kick.  Mike was no different.

He took a different approach in saying that the problem in Iran is that the government has all the guns.  Surely, he is not trying to incite a civil war in Iran.  Not sure we need that kind of radical in Congress. 

He continued down the road of our President is a socialist.  He threw the word Marxist in there a couple of times.  He went on to bash Cap and Trade and the energy bill without offering any other solutions to the problem. 

Strange that republicans like to call Cap and Trade a tax increase, but vote for unfunded mandates which increase property taxes and call that the price of doing business.  Face it Mike, you are a tax and shift and spend liberal just like your buddy James Mills.

I don’t really think Mike has much of a chance.  Whether it is his love affair with Gena; The quid pro quo relationship he had with our state representative; or the fact that he hasn’t really done anything to prove his leadership. 

Time will tell.