This blog has been kind to former Forsyth County Commissioner David Richard. It’s a good thing to have a fiery leader sometimes, and Richard certainly fit the bill.

Richard lost a primary fight (as an incumbent) last year, and has been replaced by Patrick Bell on the County Commission. A news article regarding Bell’s pro-business stance can be found at Cumming Home, with a few choice comments from Richard himself.

Those choice comments (directed at a variety of people, not Bell himself) include:

  • I don’t give a rat’s patoot about your alleged business skills; you don’t know jack about what you’re posting.
  • Apparently the economy of the entire world has passed you by in the last 50 years of ignorance you have lived.
  • You, sir, are a class-A, Number 1 MORON when it comes to economic issues.
  • I see that they’ve had an escape from the Yerkes Primate Research Center over in Gwinnett again, haven’t they?
  • Keep your amateur psychobabble to yourself. I have yet to read a single statement from you that shows any latent intelligence.
  • It is my fervent hope, Tony, that some day one of these mental midgets might actually learn something more than being able to count to twenty without having to remove their shoes.

Anyone who thought that Mr. Richard will shuffle off into that good night is sadly mistaken.

Well done, good sir, well done. An keyboard in the hands of Dave Richard is like a violin in the hands of a virtuoso.