Let’s say that you and your family farts all the time. And it gets on your mom’s nerves A LOT!!!

So Mommy makes a “two fart a day” rule. And everyone pretty much has to cut back on their farting, except for Mommy cause she never ever farts anyway.

But Daddy farts a lot. He always blames it on an elephant under the couch, but I KNOW IT’S REALLY HIM!!! And he says that Mommy is being unfair to him, because he has to fart A LOT and he’s the only one that really gets busted by the new rule. LOL!

Mommy then gives each of us four special “fart” coupons so that if we go over our two-farts-a-day, we can use a coupon for each fart and she won’t get mad at us.

Then we all ate at El Sombrero after my tee-ball game, and it got crazy.

Mommy only ate chips & salsa, and wasn’t farting at all, so she sold her coupons to Daddy for a dollar. I ate some tacos! (I LOVE TACOS!) and so I farted a little bit and used my own coupons (Cause I FARTED THREE EXTRA TIMES!).

Daddy bought all our coupons and was happy and farted so much we played “pull my finger” on the car ride home.

Grown-Up Version:  Big polluters pay small polluters for the right to pollute (i.e. buying a coupon). Small polluters are encouraged to reduce pollution further so that they can sell their credits to larger polluters for cash value (like eating chips & salsa instead of the 7 bean dip).

More importantly, each individual business gets to decide if it is more cost-effective to reduce their own pollution or buy credits from other businesses. It is a free-market solution to a public problem.

The bill passed a crucial test vote in the House today– House passage is not assured, and the Senate is gonna be a tougher road.