Local radio celeb Martha Zoller explains health care at Human Events:

Congressman Nathan Deal (R-Ga) chairman of the subcommittee on Health until the Democrats took control, pushed through measures reforming Medicare and Medicaid and actually began the process of saving money and being more efficient.  One of the first things Democrats did was strip these provisions out.

Martha admits that Rep. Deal presided over a system that was A) wasting money and B) inefficient for six years, but somehow the Democrats are to blame. Here’s a question, why was the system so f’ed up to begin with while Deal was in charge?

Regardless of what they say, The Obama Plan or the Kennedy Plan, whatever you want to call it today, will drive competition out of the market.

How can the Obama Plan drive competition out of the market, if government is so incredibly inefficient to begin with? Martha thinks that government is less efficient that the private sector, and is she’s correct, there’s no reason to assume that government is going to put private firms out on the street. Using her twisted logic, the government is so wasteful, yet so competitive , it will put companies into bankruptcy?

The problem with health care delivery is the government regulations and the government fee structure.

Again, if the problem with health care delivery is government regulations (preposterous, but we’ll save that chestnut for later) than the government option won’t be competitive, no one will buy it, and everything will stay the same. Private health care systems will chug on as usual, and Zoller’s fears of a government takeover will be moot.

President Obama, I’m not from Missouri, but “show me” If you can save hundreds of billions of dollars to fund your initiative, show me first.

How can he show Zoller without signing the bill into law? What “estimate” would she consider valid? If you want hard, concrete evidence that the plan will work, there’s no real way to deliver that if she refuses to believe any of the estimates from non-partisan sources.

Let’s fix what we have and keep the guys behind the desks out of your doctor’s office.

They’re already there. The only difference is that Zoller is pretty comfy with insurance companies being behind the desk, instead of the democratically-elected President of the United States.