2 pm today, Sanford will be meeting the media to explain his trip to Argentina (?!?)

1:59 pm: Watching MSNBC, and waiting for the Governor. Pictures are now being broadcast of his arrival at Hartsfield-Jackson an hour or so ago. He’ll be giving a statement and then taking questions from reporters. There’s no doubt that Sanford is pissed. His relationship with his own Republican party in the state is like Kim Jong Il’s relationship with sanity- tenuous at best- and the GOP leaders are the ones who’ve been throwing him under the bus.

2:07 pm:Press Conference delayed. MSNBC is discussing the fact that only the Governor can declare a state of emergency and should be available at all times. This was true before cell phones though, and South Carolina somehow managed to survive. Seems like a silly argument. More damaging IMO is the fact that he left his family in the lurch during Father’s Day weekend in order to “get away from the kids” and wound up in South America instead of North Georgia.

2:09 pm:Is sex tourism popular in Argentina? Just wondering.

2:15 pm:Actually, I like Sanford. He’s a Republican of the sensible-not-nutty variety, which explains why all the other Republicans in South Carolina hate him. Think of Ron Paul but with charisma. And a love for Argentina apparently. MSNBC is tired of stalling…now talking about the financial meltdown.

2:23 pm:Just started with a personal anecdote about the Appalachian Trail. Lots of um-ing and uh-ing. He’s not well-prepared. Felt “profound frustrations” with the political battles in Columbia over the stimulus money.

2:26 pm:Admits to letting down his family… something is brewing… Apologizing to his family and his wife. He says this is gonna hurt. WTF?! Now giving staff apologies. Holy crap. Sanford is sobbing or something. YIKES!! He’s asking for forgiveness for a sin not yet confessed. Why are you apologizing Mark?

2:30 pm: Unfaithful to his wife. Developed a relationship with a “dear dear friend” in Argentina. Not sobbing now, makes me think he’s rehearsed this in his head before for just this possibility. Future president? Probably not.

2:32 pm:Resigning as chair of the Republican Governor’s Association. This is devastating for a Republican Party that is already searching for the next breed of leaders. Sanford was being groomed for something bigger, and now it’s back to square one. Admits that his wife has known about the affair for five months. Now, he’s sobbing again. He sobs when he talks about his “dear friends”, but details the affair with a calculated and unemotional precision.

2:38 pm:Spent the last five days “crying in Argentina”. There’s an easy joke to be made there. Kudos to Sanford for coming clean- he appears to be giving a lot of details about the affair without much prompting.

2:39 pm: Did you intentionally mislead your staff? Short answer is yes. Did you ask state employees to cover up the affair? No.

Will you resign as Governor? No answer. He walks away from the podium.

The End.