Many people may not realize how goofy Mark Sanford (Governor of South Carolina) truly is. As a public resource, here’s a rundown of the Governor’s Greatest Hits.

  • As a congressman (and millionaire), he slept on a futon in his Washington DC apartment.
  • For six years, he used the letterhead of a defeated California Representative (Andrea Seastrand) instead of his own.
  • Bought drinks for three of his fellow congressman at a local movie theatre by getting a big Coke and three extra straws.
  • One of the few politicians to actually honor his term limit pledge (are ya listening, Nathan?)
  • Joined the Air-Force Reserve as a sitting Governor. Left for two weeks of training and refused to transfer power to the Lt. Governor.
  • Tried to vote for himself in 2006, and was denied because he had an incorrect address on his driver’s license. He had to fix the problem at the voter registration office on election day.
  • Had his own party reject 105 out of his 106 vetoes in the same day. The next morning, he brought two pigs to the Capitol building (named “Pork” and “Barrel”).
  • Missed calls and texts from his family on Father’s Day. He was busy hiking the Appalachian Trail.