I know it is hard to believe that any of the Republican incumbents could be vulnerable, but after listening to breakfast club (sorry can’t be anymore specific than that) I am beginning to think we will see some change.

That doesn’t mean a Democratic shift, but I think you may see lots of primary challenges and open seats. Here is what I heard:

From the top to the bottom:

Since Deal is now seeking the Governor’s seat, his seat as become pretty crowded. While it is my personal opinion that this seat will go to someone outside of the Gainesville area, it will definitely pull some Gainesville area Republicans into the fray. Rumor mill is that James Mills is eyeing the seat, as well as Lee Hawkins. I don’t believe the Mills thing. In fact, I think Mills is about to be finished with politics. Not sure, his heart is in it anymore. Hawkins has all but announced, and that leaves an empty seat.

The rumors are flying that Carl Rogers is entertaining a run at that seat as well as Doug Collins. Rogers may not want to be a Senate Whore, but I am sure he wouldn’t mind be a Senate Pimp. I don’t think Collins is running. He is still a little wet behind the ears and the military/preacher/lawyer thing can only get him so far. So, who will get the nod for House District 26.

Now, we already know that South Hall Commissioner Bobby Banks is facing two serious challengers in the form of Craig Lutz (Flowery Branch City Council) and Robert Senter (James Mills neighbor…not sure that qualifies you for anything, but it was mentioned). So, the new rumor is Bobby may let them have it and either challenge Mills or run for the open seat in H.D. 25 should Mills quit or run for Congress.

What does this mean for Democrats? I’m not really sure it means anything. In order to win Democrats must start attractive high quality candidates, but I don’t think anyone is safe in the 2010 election.