That title is a direct quote from Senator Eric Johnson (R-CrazyTown).

Mr. Johnson was on the Martha Zoller show this morning explaining how his crazy voucher plan would actually increase education dollars, when he was asked how he would have funded education without the stimulus dollars. His answer,

“Well, education is the only place we have left to cut!”  (Audio has not been uploaded as of 11:01 a.m. June 18, 2009.)

Seriously, I know he didn’t do well in school and hates everything that education stands for, but seriously. What about GOFISH? Can we cut that? What about ending these sales tax breaks that give away more needed state revenue?

Understand that education is about the only thing the goverment of Georgia is responsible for doing. Most other issues take care of themselves. AS GOVERNOR OF GEORGIA IF YOU DON”T GET UP EVERYDAY AND SAY HOW CAN I IMPROVE EDUCATION, then we don’t need you.