UPDATED (11:36 a.m.):  A little boring, but good job Mr. Bell.  I know that Martha wasn’t going to let you go full bore, but I was a little surprised that you didn’t take a tougher stand with the guests that were spreading Ms. Information (Babbin and Durham).   

Ashley Bell, the poster child for the Hall County Democratic Party, will fill in for Martha Zoller tomorrow on her show named “The Martha Zoller show”. She chose that name because Sean Hannity already took “The Unqualified Gas Bag show” and “Fat-Ass Racist Pig show” was in syndication by Rush Limbaugh.

What is Ashley Bell going to talk about? You can read that here and here.

Seems like this isn’t the first time Mr. Bell has filled in for Ms. Zoller.

Does this mean that we might actually get a progressive view on WDUN? I doubt it, but it would be nice.

As for Mr. Bell, Left on Lanier wishes you well and we believe you are going places.