The Wall Street Journal points out that Georgia’s banking system is a disaster:

The state is home to just 4% of all U.S. banks, but 20% of the nation’s bank failures since August. More banks have collapsed in Georgia than in any other U.S. state, even foreclosure-racked California and Florida. Six Georgia banks have been seized by regulators this year, burned by too much expansion in the past decade and bad real-estate bets.

Point #1: This website pointed this shit out nearly four months ago.

Point #2: This is a website located in Georgia, so it seemed relevant to me, the webmaster of some tiny-ass blog. There are million dollar news outlets in Georgia as well who haven’t once considered it to be news-worthy.

Point #3: The head of the banking committee in the State Assembly is a Hall Representative- making it twice as relevant here as in, say Macon or wherever.

Point #4: It took the freaking Wall Street Journal to actually do the fucking story.

(h/t Political Insider)