The city of Flowery Branch has passed an ordinance against false alarms.

Now this isn’t just the screaming fire in the theatre, this is a real ordinance which could lead up to a $500.00 fine every time there is a false electronic alarm that requires a dispatch to the residence or business.

Now, false alarms are bad and they cost money, but we pay taxes to make sure we are safe.

This ordinance defines false alarms as:

malfunction, improper installation, or the negligence of the alarm user, his/her employees or agents, and signals activated to summon law enforcement personnel unless law enforcement
response was cancelled by the alarm user or his/her agent before law enforcement personnel arrive at the alarm location. An alarm is false within the meaning of this article when, upon
inspection by the Flowery Branch Police Department, evidence indicates that no unauthorized entry, robbery, or other such crime was committed or attempted in or on the premises which
would have activated a properly functioning alarm system. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a false alarm shall not include an alarm which can reasonably be determined to have been caused or activated by unusually violent conditions of nature nor does it include other extraordinary circumstances not reasonably subject to control by the alarm user.
means the activation of an alarm system through mechanical or electronic failure,

So what is the problem? Supposedly, this will save money. The bottom line is this is directed at new home growth where residential alarm systems are more prevalent. This city council is doing everything possible to balance the budget on the back of new growth in Flowery Branch. From the sewer fee to this alarm ordinance, these people will not be happy until the city of Flowery Branch is a nostalgic ghost town.