Well, he actually did it. Waiting till both Gray and I were out of town, but it is official Roy is running. Guess Gray will have to change Run Roy Run to Win Roy Win. (Ed note: Done. Join the Win Roy Win Facebook group!)

Since we were late, I will spare you all of the trackbacks and links to this news story, but here is my two cents worth.

I first met Governor Barnes in 1999. He was working on his education reform plan and called a meeting to get teacher input. During this meeting, it was apparent that it was more about giving us the details of his plan instead of any input. Naturally, this became the dreaded HB 1187. The group I was working for opposed this bill and after its passage we opposed Governor Barnes for reelection.

The next time I met Mr. Barnes was on July 2, 2007. While working on my dissertation, I had the pleasure of interviewing him for my data collection. At the end of the interview, I realized my position on 1187 had been wrong and I apologized to Mr. Barnes. He was very gracious and as a true southern gentleman he also apologized.

Should Mr. Barnes win the nomination, he will have my support for Governor. This support will not be because he is right on every issue, but because he understands that both sides of the issue need exploring even if your side is right. Mr. Barnes took on some pretty tough issues during his first go around. Let me list a few for you:

Education Reform – Everything he said would happen has happened. We are now realizing the republican nightmare that he predicted.

Transportation – Remember the outer perimeter. It cost him his reelection, but he was right and that was when our transportation nightmare became a reality.

The Flag – I am now about to piss off most of my relatives, but let’s face it that flag was racist and we all knew it. What you may not know is that Roy Barnes did not change the flag. That was James Mills legislation. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

Healthcare – Roy never got to unveil a state healthcare plan, but he had one. Too bad we never gave him the chance.

So what does all of this mean? Will Baker step down? What about Porter? Poythress is probably dead in the water.

If Roy wins the nomination who does Isakson endorse? Can Roy beat Handel, Deal, or Oxendine? I think he takes Johnson in a cakewalk.

My ideal election would probably be between Nathan Deal and Roy Barnes. Forget what Gray said about Deal being an empty suit. I have known Mr. Deal and have found him to be quite engaging, and he used to be a Democratic candidate meaning he had a brain at one time. Not sure who would win that fight, but I definitely would buy a ticket.