A Gainesville Times article to add to the “Field of Dreams” story, along with the previous ones found here.

Questions yet to be answered include:

  • If the park is so expensive that the general public can’t use it, and there is no demand from kids with special needs, why was it even built?
  • If Hall County doesn’t have the money to maintain the facility should it be damaged, why was it even built?
  • If it takes time to find demand for the park from the local schools, why was it even built?
  • If it has only been used once, in the past 6 months, why was it even built?

This is why I’m am so vigorously against SPLOST funding. It keeps getting wasted in Hall County on things that A) we don’t need or B) we need so desperately that it should be paid out of the General Revenue fund.

Someone should have determined if the need existed before the ground-breaking. If so, someone should have organized a league of handicapped athletes to take advantage of it on Day One.

So far, a $1 million dollar+ facility has been used ONE time in the past six months.