The first episode I watched of this show was last night’s episode. And it was painful to watch.

So I did some research, and apparently ole’ Jon’s been neutered for the run of the show. While I felt queasy at the lack of affection between the parents (and Kate’s ignoring of her spouse) it’s presumably the normal progression of the previous berating of her haplorn hubby.

I guess we can look forward to the future reality show “Jon Minus Nine”, but it’s important to remember there are kids involved here. Sweet, innocent children that are thrust into a reality series that makes them the talk of whatever preschool they enroll in.

Relationships are tough. Doubly so, in the media spotlight.

Quit the show, folks. Go to counseling. Fix your marriage. Make it work. I understand that sometimes people need to part, but let’s not do it in front of 20 million people.

Buzz has his take, and the GOP opinion isn’t that far from mine.