Someone sent this particularly nasty viral video, which tries to explain Obama’s budget deficit by comparing it to a road trip. While it’s a good idea to simplify complicated economic issues for those who don’t have an financial background, it’s also an easy way to obscure the truth and shift the blame.

The narrator (who could use a better microphone) shows the deficit, or miles-per-hour, to greatly increase under the Obama administration.

These made-up “facts” are nothing more than a deliberate propaganda campaign to deceive people.

For example, the narrator doesn’t mention the explosion of debt in the final year of Bush’s term. W spent tons on a bail-out of AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and the TARP bill.

Instead, the narrator shifts this cost to Obama- who at the time was a Presidential candidate.

Then the narrator fails to mention that in the Obama budget, the costs of Iraq and Afghanistan are on-the-books. This cost was hidden during the Bush administration off-budget and were never counted in the spending estimates. Now, under Obama, they are.

A person with some time could probably pick through this video’s numbers a bit more, and find all kinds of shortcuts and half-truths. After catching the video in two separate whoppers, it was time for me to put the calculator down.