I hate to admit that I missed all of this excitement, but you can read about Syed Haris Ahmed and his attempt to support terrorism here.

Mr. Ahmed has decided that his fate could better be decided by a federal judge than by a jury of his peers.  He is probably right.  I have relatives that live in Dawsonville. 

Now before the GOParanoid start screaming, “This is what is wrong with our judicial system.”  Let’s take a look at who this judge is. 

Judge William “Bill” Duffey

On the recommendation of US Senator Saxby Chambliss, Duffey was nominated by President George W. Bush on November 5, 2003 to a seat vacated by J. Owen Forrester. Duffey was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on June 16, 2004 on a unopposed 97-0-3 Senate vote and received commission on July 1, 2004[2]

Now, it wasn’t too long ago that the GOParanoid were complaining about jury trials. 

You can’t have it both ways.