adam-lambert-lookalikesEither you like Lambert, or you don’t.

Earlier in the season, it was easy to just vote for someone else. You had the adorable tattooed Megan Corkrey, or JT Wannabe Matt Giraud or the bible thumpin’ Danny Gokey to go with.

Now, there remains only one alternative. Kris Allen.

So basically you have a shitload of fans who think Adam is awesome, and who have thought that way since the whole shebang started. And then you have an equal number of folks who think he’s too dramatic, too faux, too fake.

When you add up all the individual people who have purposely chosen against Adam Lambert, and condense them into one voting bloc, it’s clear. Lambert loses.

So my prediction: Kris Allen is this season’s American Idol winner.

Yes, I’m aware that I picked Allen to lose about a dozen times already. That doesn’t change the math. It makes my prediction abilities suspect, but it doesn’t alter the fact that everyone knew Adam was a front-runner early on, and still, countless people voted against him a variety of reasons. Tonight, the abacus sways in Allen’s direction.

UPDATE: Nailed it bitches.