This weekend marked President Obama’s first White House Correspondent’s dinner.  If you have never taken the time to stay up late and watch this event on C-SPAN, you missed one hell of comedic entertainment.  Even in the Bush years, this was a great event that created much laughter. 

Each year usually a stand-up comedian does a performance for the finale.  In recent years, there have been few risque jokes told.  You can read about that here and here.  And of course, most of us remember Bush’s slide show jokes about looking for weapons of mass destruction while our soldiers were dying in Iraq. 

Now it is Obama’s turn.  Most considered Saturday night to be a success, but many think the comedian Wanda Sykes went a little too far.  Her line about Rush Limbaugh was definitely funny, but hoping a man’s kidneys fail might be a little out there.

The GOParanoid were quick to point out Sykes moment this weekend.  I just wanted to be a another blogger that agrees you should never wish a fat son of bitch’s kidneys to fail.  Maybe just a kidney stone, it would be more appropriate.