Scott Wheeler, besides looking like a penis with ears, is the executive director of The National Republican Trust Political Action Committee. According to Mr. Wheeler, he speaks for Americans and not for just Republicans. Just for the record, he doesn’t speak for me.

What was he trying to speak about? As a guest of Lawrence O’Donald, a cookyeyed liberal, on The Ed Show he was asked why he was so scared of a potential appointment of Sonia Sotomayor, a judge appointed by George H. W. Bush in 1991. His answer was that he spoke for all Americans when he said that he couldn’t support her due to her judicial activism.

So he is opposed to her being active as a judge. He went on to say, when asked if there were any Democrats that he would support, that republicans would support Mario Cuomo (Not to be confused with Perry Cuomo). Are you kidding me? (Sorry, promised Gray wouldn’t use horseshit anymore) The GOParanoid will not support a nominee who is considered by most to be the most liberal Governor New York has ever had, who is pro-choice, and against the death penalty. Let’s face it, anyone that Barack Hussein Obama nominates they are going to oppose.

Watch it for yourself:

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Good thing America doesn’t need the GOParanoid to support our nominee.