Who is replacing Nathan Deal?

Among the Republicans who are being mentioned as possible replacements for Deal in the 9th district are a half-dozen members of the state Legislature, including state Reps. Tom Graves, James Mills and David Ralston and state Sens. Chip Pearson, Jeff Mullis and Lee Hawkins. And then there’s talk-radio host Martha Zoller, former state Rep. Mike Evans, former state Sen. Bill Stevens and former Rep. Max Burns, who moved to the 9th district in 2007 and is a dean at North Georgia College & State University.

Personal Privilege: Word is that Carl Rogers is running. Competing view says that Doug Collins is in.

Regardless, one of the three Hall County delegation is running. But who?

GA-09 is one of the most conservative districts in the entire nation. Why wouldn’t the most conservative local politician throw his hat into the ring?