First, there is nothing wrong with what Miss California did, but come on isn’t lying on the application terms for firing.  Besides don’t republicans believe that nudity is immoral? 

If you haven’t heard nude pictures have surfaced of Miss Carrie Prejean (Miss USA runner-up) from California.  You can read about that here and here

Miss Prejean and many of the GOParanoid believe that she did not receive the Miss USA crown due to her stance on gay marriage.  It couldn’t possibly be that the other girl was better.  Just saying. 

Now pictures have surfaced of her nude with her hands covering her nipples.  Guess that makes it okay to the right-wingers, but on the application she said she had never done this.  That is a lie, and the GOP believes liars go to Hell! 

Should she step down or not?  Don’t really care!  Just want to see some outrage from all of those bloggers that rallied around her a few weeks ago.