Pete Randall has the story over at Peach Pundit about the Governor signing the Super Speeder bill.  Of course you could read about it here or here for a more balanced view.  Ever since Randall came out of the closet over at Peach Pundit he has been on a tear.  But I digress.

Yesterday, I commented on the woman who scraped together $5.00 to pay for her cigarettes (Shame on you Pres. Obama for raising this lady’s taxes), but today our own republican Governor gave us a $23 million dollar tax increase.  At least that is what he hopes.  Now before you start screaming this is a fine or a fee to get people to slow down, please explain to me how it is different than a fee, fine, or tax on cigarettes to get people to stop smoking. 

Now, when this came up in the legislative session I wasn’t opposed to it.  Hell, I’m supposed to be a tax and spend democrat, and besides I have reached the point where I am worried that I don’t go fast enough on the expressway.  What I wanted to see is this legislation attached to a constitutional amendment directing its revenues to a Trauma Care Network.  The Governor has promise that is where the money will go, but his promise and $5.00 will get you a combo meal at McDonald’s. 

The second problem I have is that this fee or fine or tax is barely constitutional.  In my opinion it is a separation of powers violation and ranks right up there with mandatory minimums.  Where does the legislature and the Governor get off telling judges how to sentence violators? 

Well, it is a new day in Georgia…one where Republicans increase taxes and spend money like drunken sailors.  Wait, it is not all that new is it?