The Hall County Democratic party is looking for a few good people.  In an email circulating amongst Hall County Democrats, the chairman is asking people to consider running for many of the vacated seats due to the “domino effect” of all the republicans running for the same seat. 

I joked once to Gray that the only thing harder than being a prospective democratic candidate in Hall County was being a prospective republican candidate in Hall County.  I mean what do you run for? 

Well, their time has finally come. 

By the way, the website and have both been reserved.  But, Gray has thoroughly noted all of the rumors around the prospective republicans running for office, but are they any democrats? 

Here is who I would look for: 

9th Congressional District:  Bill Stephens, Wyc Orr, Charles Jenkins, Jerry Jackson

Georgia Senate District 49:  Arturo Corso, Joe Diaz,  Ashley Bell (says he ain’t running)

Georgia House District  27:  I got nothing.

Georgia House District 26:  Joe Diaz, Arturo Corso

Georgia House District 25:  Unless his name is Jesus Christ, it won’t matter.

A good friend of mine said you can’t recruit candidates- they either run or they don’t.  Here’s hoping someone decides to run.