The Forsyth County GOP Chair weighs in on gay marriage in the Forsyth Times, and boy! Does he have some novel arguments!

Several studies over the last 15 years conclude the life expectancy for homosexual men and women is approximately 20-30 years less than the heterosexual population.  

In addition, studies have shown the incidence of breast cancer is 300 percent greater in the lesbian population than in their heterosexual counterparts.  If any other activity caused such a reduction in life expectancy or propensity for disease, the federal government would regulate it out of existence.  

Yet, in the face of these inherent dangers, Congress is now considering hate crimes legislation that would make sexual orientation a protected class.

Even assuming the argument that homosexuals are born gay, if people are born with a congenital condition that decreases their life expectancy by a third, don’t we have an obligation to cure this condition rather than granting it government sanction?

Can anyone give me the source material for this information? Perhaps a citation from a respected (i.e. not NewsMax or RedState) publication?

First person who can find these respected studies on the web will get a free t-shirt. Seriously. Leave your source material in the comments. Remember, he claims there are several so it shouldn’t be hard.

So get to it, super-sleuths. And once again, it bears repeating… THIS WAS WRITTEN BY THE HEAD OF THE FORSYTH COUNTY REPUBLICANS.