This may sound like old news, but today as I was scraping change out of the dashboard to buy me a $.99 Coke and I was reminded of the cigarette tax.

According to Fox News, President Obama’s Cigarette tax is the single largest cigarette tax hike in history.

This must be true it was on Fox.   The bigger question is so what. 

Republicans will use this as an attempt to continue to paint democrats as tax and spend liberals and democrats will claim that this will save life by discouraging cigarette smoke. 

What do I say?  Horse Shit!!!!  They are both full of it.  Remember my adventure into the convenience store.  It took longer because the woman in front of me was trying to scrape together $5.00 to pay for her cigarettes.  The tax hike isn’t going to slow anyone down.  And to the WE DON’T LIKE TAXES republicans give me a break.  You guys spend money like drunk sailors.  Where do you guys think that money comes from?