Mark Levy is found dead in law office from an apparent suicide. 

ABC reports here: 

Mark Levy, a prominent Washington, D.C., attorney who had reportedly been laid off from his post at a law firm, was found dead in his office Thursday in what police are calling an apparent suicide.

From California to Massachusetts, several recent suicides and shootings are being linked to people who just lost their jobs or their homes. Meanwhile, the recent suicides of at least three prominent foreign businessmen have been blamed on financial losses.

Kilpatrick Stockton LLP, an Atlanta-based firm, said in a statement that Levy, a former deputy assistant attorney general during the Clinton administration who was chair of the firm’s Supreme Court and appellate advocacy practice, had died.

“Mark Levy was well known and highly respected for his successful appearances before the Supreme Court of the United States,” said Bill Dorris, the firm’s co-managing partner.

The reason for Levy’s apparent suicide wasn’t immediately clear. But, the Washington Post, citing unnamed sources, said that Levy, 59, had been laid off and that Thursday was his last day of work.

Levy’s apparent suicide is the latest of several that have been linked to the flagging economy.

With the United States and the rest of the world facing what many call the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, reports of people taking their own lives are rising.

So the question is just how long will it take GOParanoid to relate this to the Vince Foster suicide and try to resurrect another Clinton scandal.

Too late, commenters at Free have already started.