Quick quiz. Neal Horsley, a candidate for Georgia Governor, has:

  • A) Almost killed his son in anger.
  • B) Would kill his own son to dissolve Roe V. Wade
  • C) Has had sex with a mule.
  • D) Has had sex with a watermelon.

The answer is all of the above.

This is why Georgia can’t have nice things. In 2010, we have a mule f#@cker running for governor. In 2006, we had an anti-gambling christian crusader candidate for Lt. Governor  that was financed by gambling. The mayor of our capital went to prison, our senators want to start a duel with television personalities, and our “family values” state house speaker was caught screwing a lobbyist.

We’re like the Jerry Springer of states.

So back to this Neal Horsley character. His *almost* murdering of his son, including his promise to murder his son in the future if it will reverse Roe V. Wade, are detailed here.

But you really wanna know about the watermelon and the mule don’t you?