Just a brief note to pissed-off Republicans:

Your leaders, and your brethren, have prayed for the day that your precious party rids itself of those dirty RINO’s.

  • Ted Nugent, Conservative Musician(?): The first thing the GOP needs to do is to lock the RINOs out of the discussion.
  • E. Paul Stanley, Former Chair of the Hall GOP: Republicans In Name Only (”RINOs”) are the biggest threat to our party today.
  • Human Events, Conservative website: Compiled a list of the ten biggest Senate Republican moderates in their “ongoing campaign against RINO’s”.

When one strives for ideological purity instead of winning elections, neither will be achieved. So keep pissing off the American public and mocking those few moderates still willing to be associated with your party, and you’ll find that 60 seat Democratic majority grow.

The former Hall GOP chair often said  “We have a large tent but you have to eat off our menu”, indicating that anyone could join the Republican party as long as you followed the prescribed doctrine.

It’s clear now that the menu sucks.

Previously the  RINO’s said nothing and just choked down the food.

Today, one of the RINO’s ditched the check and walked right out the front door.