The behind-the-scenes skinny has Nathan Deal running for Governor, and Lee Hawkins (Gainesville- State Senator) going for Deal’s seat.

Other rumors:

  • Nathan’s son Jason (currently a judge) could run for his dad’s seat. James Mills (Chestnut Mountain – State Rep) might run. Chris Riley (Deal’s Chief of Staff) might have some interest too, although he’d probably find that managing a  gubernatorial race is more enticing.
  • Deal would run for governor from the same geographic area as the incumbent Lt. Governor (Casey Cagle). This could be a campaign issue if Deal becomes the Republican nominee.
  • Deal has low name recognition across the state. As a tremendously low-key congressman, he’ll have to find his voice on the campaign trail. A recent “power ranking” of Congresspeople notes that Deal has virtually no influence in Congress, passes no legislation, and provides no federal funds for his district.
  • Deal’s only saving grace in the power ranking? He is the ranking member on the health committee. That’s it.
  • Lee Hawkins potential campaign for US Congress has some merit– he has some cash on hand that could scare off potential challengers.