I’m forgoing the usual prediction BS, because frankly I suck at it. I look forward to your predictions in the comments.

So, onward my friends.

Kris Allen – Judges loved him. Jamie Foxx loved him. And he’s not even the front-runner(s). I suspect we’ll hear some massive fawning from the judges over all the contestants tonight, mainly because this is a talented bunch of folks.
Celebrity Lookalike: A grown up David Archuleta.

Allison Iraheta – Another big-time performance. Simon must be getting weary from the constant praise so far this episode; he pees in the punchbowl by saying that Allison lacks confid- HOLY CRAP! Is that a tear? Did Simon just make a 17 year-old girl cry?!
Celebrity Lookalike: A younger, not drugged-up Cyndi Lauper.

Matt Giraud – He busts out the fedora again. One benefit to the hat? It hides the wart on his forehead. I swear that thing has cost him a million votes this year. Judges are split, Randy & Simon disagree, black is white, dogs and cats now sleeping together. 
Celebrity Lookalike: Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake had a kid that got beat with an ugly stick once or twice.

Danny Gokey – My favorite performance so far. He’s smug, but the joker can sing. **Production note: Time is running out it’s 8:47 hurry up hurry up hurry up** The judges loved it, Kara might have even had an O.
Celebrity Lookalike: A skinnier, cuter Seth Rogan with crappy eyesight.

Adam Lambert – Great song, but Adam gets all indulgent again. He can’t walk down a staircase without giving it a plotline and a dramatic arc. I’d love to see this guy drop the jewelry and just wear jeans and a t-shirt sometime (note to self- I need to dress better). Randy calls him out on his theatrical-drama-BS. Ohmigod, Kara has her second O of the evening, making this a good night for a Hollywood cougar.
Celebrity Lookalike: Trent Reznor gains a few pounds after completing only half the estrogen treatments.

UPDATE: Matt Giraud gets the boot. Fare thee well, fine sir. I liked him a lot, yet the voters have spoken.