The Gainesville Times gives their opinion on a possible Roy Barnes candidacy:

Democrats are hungry for a chance to get back into power in Georgia and Barnes may be the one party member with enough statewide appeal to win back former “blue dogs” who have turned to the GOP in recent elections. He also may be the only Democrat who could raise enough money to challenge what is likely to be a well-funded, well-backed Republican nominee.

Barnes, appearing last week in Cumming at the Lanier-Forsyth Rotary Club, struck a populist, nonpartisan tone that might be a precursor to the kind of campaign he could conduct should he decide to run.

“The agenda is controlled by lobbyists,” Barnes said. “It’s the personal politics of greed at its worst and we’re paying for it. … For years, we had this whole idea that the common good overcame any individual interest and I’m afraid that has slipped away from us.”

Join in the fun on Facebook at Run ROY Run, a group that is actively trying to draft Barnes into the race.