Some details about the American journalist that has been jailed in Iran on charges of espionage:

  • She’s a freelance reporter with dual citizenship- American and Iranian.
  • She has been working in Iran as a free-lance reporter for years.
  • She has two masters degrees (one in International Relations) and is working on her third.

Simply put: Saberi knew she was working on the edge. Obviously she has a ton of intelligence and not a lick of common sense. Any American citizen would know that moving to Iran (as a journalist no less) might be a bit dicey. But Saberi’s master’s degree in International Relations strips away every layer of plausible deniability. She, of all people, knew the danger of her chosen profession.

So how to move forward?

It has been speculated by some of the right wing blogs that this is a test of Obama’s leadership. Perhaps Iran is questioning the mettle of the new administration. And the right wing response to this test is Let’s bomb Iran into the stone age. This is our chance! The roof is on fire so let’s spread some gasoline.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for Saberi’s immediate release. There will be some back-door diplomatic talks between the two countries, and after a few days/weeks in an Iranian jail, Ms. Saberi will get expelled from the country and allowed to return to the U.S.

And when this happens, remember that it was an Administration that values diplomacy over destruction that caused it to occur.

Saberi may have a few more tough days in Iran, then she’ll be released. And when she does?

She’s not a hero, but a careless and naïve woman who thought she was exempt from the rules of the game. I hope she’ll be greeted with a warm welcome and a firm hug, tempered with an occasional “WTF were you thinking?!?”