According to Hannity, it was a rousing success- and it looked packed on my 43 inch teevee screen.

…And there’s not a single new person that was convinced to join their cause.

Related note:In 2007, Pelosi took some heat for saying that Bush’s impeachment was “off the table”. She realized, correctly, that Democrats had to be FOR something, not simply AGAINST Bush. And even with record presidential unpopularity in months to come, Nancy stuck to her guns. Democrats were going to have a positive message, come hell or high water, and it worked.

Flash forward to now, where the GOP drives home a strongly negative message of protest against a highly popular president in the first 100 days of his presidency. Completely different strategy. Completely ineffective. It’s all heat, and no light.

No worries. This is how the GOP becomes more irrelevant. This is how the social conservatives quicken their demise.

When the Republicans get more sensible, I’ll get more open to their message. But if they’re gonna crap in the presidential punchbowl before Obama even knows where the restroom is, the moderates will look elsewhere for future guidance.