Buckle up for the AI live-blog, kiddies. We’re gonna turn this mutha out!

*** Don’t like only allowing two judges to comment. Silly. Get the E.P. to grow some balls and tell everyone to self-edit ***

Allison Iraheta – The first competitor always gets less votes. The judges loved her, but she has a soft base of support and an unfortunate placement in the lineup this week.

simoncowell_medAnoop – Solid. Good job. Good players always finish strong.

Lambert – Always dramatic, dude. Not a huge fan (as previously documented) but I acknowledge he’s the front runner, and I’m warming up to him a bit more.

Matt Giraud – Judges, quit hammering this dude on his song choices. Just say you don’t like him and move onward.

Danny Gokey – Boring rendition of the song. Still a legit finalist though.

Kris Allen– Great smile, great voice, this guy looks like a star. He’s always hard for me to evaluate though. Apparently he’s difficult for Randy & Kara as well; one says he was pitchy and the other said it was his best performance.

Lil Rounds – She joins Matt on the judge’s STFU list. They’re getting tired of her too.

Prediction to be voted off Kris Allen. This dude is my white whale, my Moby Dick, my constant nemesis. I have voted for him to get booted twice so far this season, and I keep getting it wrong. The only reason I pick him is because he doesn’t seem to have a fanbase- which is weird cause he’s actually good and telegenic. I think Allison and Matt are in trouble too. But I’m going with Kris- if I predict it enough, it will come true.

*** Matt Giraud gets the boot, and BAM! gets the save. Completely unexpected that they would shower him with this opportunity, because the judges haven’t shown him a lot of love. So no one gets voted off, and two go next week.***

Mike-El’s comment correctly points out that the show still ran late, even when ditching two of the four judges each time. It’s a stupid rule- everyone wants to hear Simon every single time. Maybe they should cut the videos before the performances, or get Ryan to shut up instead.

So far, 11 out of 15 this season. 11 out of 16. I suck. If this was public school, I’d be praying for a C .