About a month ago, we discussed that Georgia’s 9th Congressional District might be the most conservative in the country.

Now, we have some solid data, courtesy of Charlie Cook. He has recalculated the Partisan Voting Index for each of the nation’s House Districts. The PVI is a number that details how much more conservative/liberal an area is compared to the country as a whole. For example, a D+5 district would be 5% more liberal than the national average.

Nathan Deal’s GA-09 district? R+28. It’s tied for the third highest Republican district in the nation, out of 435. The top 1%.

The full analysis is at the Cook Political Report (PDF file), but a complete Georgia rundown is below.

  • Nathan Deal GA-9, R+28
  • Phil Gingrey GA-11, R+20
  • Tom Price GA-6, R+19
  • Lynn Westmoreland GA-3, R+19
  • Jack Kingston GA-1, R+16
  • John Linder GA-7, R+16
  • Paul Broun GA-10, R+15
  • Jim Marshall GA-8, R+10
  • Sanford Bishop GA-2, D+1
  • John Barrow GA-12, D+1
  • David Scott GA-13, D+15
  • Hank Johnson GA-4, D+24
  • John Lewis GA-5, D+26

 It’s clear. Georgia is one of the most conservative, if not THE MOST conservative, state in the nation.

One thing to keep in mind. With data like this, it can’t go any higher. It’s time for a regression to the mean.

UPDATE: Jon Flack compiled a PVI for Georgia counties. Instead of comparing Georgia to the nation, he compared individual counties to the Georgia average. Check out Jon’s work at Tondee’s Tavern (PDF file).