Interesting Governor’s race shaping up, with Lt. Gov Casey Cagle and SOS Karen Handel looking like the GOP front-runners.

Interesting note: Neither of these two have a college degree.

Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine calls attention to this by saying:

To do things differently requires intellectual thought and sometimes (Cagle) may prefer the easy way out.

Ouch. It’s a precursor of things to come. The Lt. Governor is gonna have to answer some questions about his intellectual abilities. Or, go the anti-intellectual route which is kind of the El Rushbo/ Sean Hannity way of diminishing higher education.

This will wind up being an issue in the GOP primary, but remember that Educational Elitism is not, by itself, a winning strategy. Democrats will make a mistake if they think that Georgians want the most educated candidate.

Instead, let’s make sure we give them the most electable candidate.

(h/t Fresh Loaf)