This gets deep in the weeds. If you’re not interested in Hall County politics, scroll down to the American Idol recap.

Some dude filed an ethical complaint against Hall County Commissioners Tom Oliver and Billy Powell. The complaint argued that both Commissioners voted on a motion that would personally benefit them, along with the county attorney.

That ethics complaint was dismissed.

Suddenly, newly elected Commissioner Ashley Bell introduced a motion calling for the council to be held to a higher ethical standard in the future… which failed.

Chairman Oliver, trying to find a middle way in an ethical morass that he himself is in the midst of,  made a resolution to bring in an outside writer to formulate a resolution regarding ethical standards. It passed.

Commissioner Powell, upset at the attack on his character, called to have an attorney to research and document the March 26th meeting in question. The motion would allow an attorney to research and explain any inappropriate conflicts from the meeting in question. It failed.

What passed? A motion to allow an attorney to research and explain any inappropriate conflicts at the meeting in question to be read only by the Hall County Commission. No public oversight whatsoever.

Executive Summary: We might have an ethical problem. We’ll research it. And Hall County citizens will never know the results.

Bonus:Ashley Bell (newly elected Democrat) is doing what he promised. Dismantling a “Good Ole Boys” network, while still being true to his moderate D beliefs.

This is what it takes, gentlemen. THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES.