Watching AI right now, gonna try and hit the highlights (and lowlights) live…

Lil Rounds – This is the first performance of Lil’s that didn’t really connect. Pitch was off, seemed uncomfy, I dunno… just didn’t make it.

Anoop – ((yawn)). All of the judges like it, but just…boring, I thought.

Scott MacIntyre – Always boring, but he has an electri- WTF WAS THAT NOTE HE HIT? Sounded like his tonsils wrapped around his neck?!?!

Matt Giraud – Gets some love from the judges. Looks like he’s taking the Justin Timberlake comparisons to heart by wearing a fedora.

Adam Lambert – Always dramatic, dude. Always dramatic.

Prediction to be Voted Off (10:55pm) – Kris Allen. Long-shot pick on my part, let me explain my reasoning.

  1. I expected Kris to get the boot a month ago.
  2. I think all the AI contestants serve a distinct niche, except for Scott, Kris and Matt- they all have a similar fan base. Someone has to go.
  3. Kris is really talented, but his fan base hasn’t shown a ton of support.
  4. He was toward the beginning of the show. Early contestants never get the benefit of the doubt.
  5. He’s not visually impaired. As we’ve seen so far, this buys extra AI time.

Cumulative Results This Season:  Scott MacIntyre actually voted out. I’m now 11 out of 15 for the season. Kris is a constant monkey-wrench for me, as I think he’s good but don’t believe that he has the support amongst the masses. Never fear, I’m gonna get on my previous diet of beer, wine, KFC and tobacco for next week’s picks. Polluting my body seems to be the path to making accurate AI picks.