Vick is preparing to return to society.

Perhaps time has dulled our senses to the severity of his crimes. Maybe our razor sharp indignation has waned to a simmering anger. Ferocity, tempered by a calendar.

In looking at the Micheal Vick career, it’s apparent that the guy was great and then suddenly he was terrible and then he was in jail. That’s a comfortable and recognizable three act play, and one wonders if a fourth act is even worth the trouble. Sequels are warranted only when the first one wasn’t enough.

The judge rejected his bankruptcy plan after Vick told the judge that he’s in “lockdown 23 hours a day”, a fib that the judge surely caught. He wanted to keep two houses and four cars under a plan that required a day laborer (which Vick has now become) to make a million dollar payment in less than a month.

At one time, overestimating Vick’s abilities was nearly impossible; now it’s a mindgame that Vick himself enjoys as a purely solo exercise.

I think he’ll get another NFL chance. Oakland will look at him, maybe Detroit. Some bottom tier team in a bottom tier city with a large African-American population will take a shot. Brothers will give him a chance, even if the white folk won’t.

There will be a buyer, if he gets reinstated.

Did he serve his debt to society? Does he deserve another pass? Has he learned his lesson?

I don’t know the answer to any of these questions. And I don’t think Vick has the answer either.